1970 Z28 Camaro Job.
Rear Disc Bracks from a 1979 Pontiac T/A
Ford 9 inch
Jim pick a color and click on each pixs and look at colors, wheels strip layouts
Doner Car
Donor Car for parts needed.
Here it the start of the madness.
Here are some Chevy Vids to look at.
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1970 Z28 Camaro Job.
Only Miller had the balls to say it! That bit it in the bud!
This one I've named:
Welded in floor pans.

Welded in frame rails. Pass side.
More rot and weld repairs. 01142012
Install all new parts and prime all repairs. 01142012
Sub frame and all new parts are ready to be installed.
Ready to install uper bushings. waited till owner had time to help so he can to the work.
Installed lower ball joint and bushings.
New coil springs installed with all other parts. looks really nice. did a good job on build.
looks nice
looks good here as well.
Cleaned the old 1" sway bar. was in nice shape. all it needed were new pins and mounting gramits.
rotor backing plates installed. all parts were powderd coated. should look good for a long time, to clean just use mild sope and water.
4 Speed crossmember clean up. heading out to sand blasters soon.
Rust coating & repairs. Frame cut out.  01172012
The kind of week Ive had!
JIM please print these two pixs and bring to me.
Wheel well and frame rail on drivers side replacement
looks bad so I cut out all the rot.
After looking it over, we found out that the rear pan is full of mud! after poping out the mud we found more rot. just what we needed.
Instead of fixing a broken bolt for the lower fender mount.
they used a hammer and punched it up in the body.
Please use grease on rusty bolts. anything but dry.
got some thicker steel from the old frame rail.
welded some thicker as a backer.
layed out where the hole needed to be and drilled & taped to 3/8-16.
Cut out the old rot and broken bolt. used a old bolt so when you weld it.
the slag will not harm the the threads. Its ready to be welded in place.
All done and welded in and sealed and ready for paint.
some crusty parts that need blasted and treated before coating.
coated and ready to put together.
looks good for the customer.
all new and ready to be placed on the body of the car.
looks good.
Jim was on clen up and was looking at other side,
so we got re-driven from finshing frame rail to work on wheel well.
well you know it. its a CAMARO! Its got Rust! LOL
after cut out, a look from the inside of the trunk.
more sparks from the love of rust! LOL
We din't trash anything yet from the doner car.
good thing! It has a clean iner wheel well for us to cut up.
Cleaned off the rust profing and as you can see its a very good part to re-use to repair whats needed.
Jim got it all cleaned up and ready to start customizing the new part in the old body.

Takes time to fit & Finsh. it's got to fit just so before welding in.
Another look from out side the trunk and looking in the well.
starting to look good.
all welded in. got to grind it clean, treat, and prime and paint and re-rustproof.
all kinds of repairs going on. trying to finsh all welding before they cut me up.
Well she's on the ground and rolling.
Now its off to paint shop.
All painted and ready for Axles to roll.

I had sugary and the guy dint take pix's of his work of springs and axles and lowering to the ground.
Once I'm back in action I will get more pix's to post.
Thanks for all the E mails about this. once more sorry.
Pix's below were taken after I was able to get out.